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 P&W / Moffat Services supplier of office space and parking for Outlander TV Series   Jan 2017

 P&W / Moffat Services  Supplier of production offices for Mary Lou: Marvel   Production  for the Avengers filmed in Edinburgh. 2017

 P&W / Moffat Services provided transport services to Mary Lou Productions for     Avengers Infinity Wars 2017

 P&W / Moffat Transport provision for Outlaw King 2018

 P&W/ Moffat Transport and location service for Pokemon production 2018

 P&W/ Moffat Transport provider for Fast & Furious Production 2018

 P&W / Moffat have now acquired an events company we have bought the equipment from them and we launched Marmo Entertainment and Events as a stand alone business visit our new face book page for further information Facebook.com/marmoentertainmentandevents for prices and bookings

 P&W / Moffat have now launched our location tours : Outlander Tour : Outlaw King Tour : Pokemon Tour : Mary Queen of Scots Tour : Avengers Infinity Wars Tour. Come and see where the filming and action has taken place on these big Screen productions. All our Guide / Drivers have been on these productions and they will make sure you have an enjoyable time. 2019.


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