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         Our Cancellation Policy for All Tours
                                        Grand Scotland (Grand Scot)
                                                 Cancellation Policy

1) Once we accept your booking the tour you have booked will take place on the date that is advertised and the date will remain as such. We also advise holiday insurance for all travelers/clients to cover Medical, Loss of belongings , Cancellation of Holiday/Tour (We do not provide insurance)

2) If for any reason the traveler/client cancels the tour with less than four (4) weeks to departure then no full refund will be given to the traveler/client.

3) Due to circumstances out with the travelers control then we advise the traveler/client to contact their travel insurer to see if they are covered.

4) We do offer a refund if tour is cancelled eight (8) weeks before departure minus 30% admin fee this is to cover the re selling costs and any hotel bookings that have been made regarding your tour.

5) If your payment has been made through a third party for your tour then we will refund the third party to allow the third party to refund the traveler/client unless otherwise stated.

6) If regarding cancellation and you use your insurance to claim and your claim is unsuccessful with your insurance provider then we are not responsible and we will not entertain any refund(s)

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